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ramik combo
Ramik logo

$$$ - Prevention/Infestation - Indoor/Outdoor

  • 1st generation anticoagulant - Diphacinone
  • Use preferably all year long for prevention
  • Available in nuggets, bait packs, bars and mini-bars
  • Pre-baited and refillable domestic bait stations for home owners
  • High palatability for superior acceptance
  • Especially suited for wet or damp areas 
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Havoc package
Logo Havoc

$$$ - Prevention/Infestation - Indoor

  • Second generation anticoagulant - Brodifacoum (strongest available)
  • May kill both rats and mice in a single night’s feeding
  • Available in bait packs and block configurations
  • Weather-resistant
  • Highly attractive bait ingredients
  • Contains Bitrex® , a child and non-target deterrent
Montage Decimax
DeciMax Soft Bait

$$$ - Prevention/Infestation - Indoor/outdoor

  • Second generation anticoagulant - Bromadiolone
  • Ultra palatable thanks to the artificial flavor of peanut butter
  • Soft baits are made without wax to ensure maximum palatability and high performance in cold or hot weather
  • The bags are packed in plastic bags inside the bucket to keep them fresh.
DeciMax Blocks
Decimax Blocks

$$$ - Prevention/Infestation - Indoor/outdoor 

  • Second generation anticoagulant - Bromadiolone
  • All Weather formulation reduces the risk of ruined bait
  • Palatable formula with food grade grains provide an irresistible formulation
  • Single feed Rodenticide
  • High performance in hot or cold weather

Domestic Rodent Control

Effective and Affordable for Use at Home 

Stations d'appât rechargeables

Refillable Bait Station with Bait

  • Each bag contains a bait station for mice
  • Available in 8 and 16 blocks of 28g
  • Rodenticide for prevention and daily maintenance
  • Fish flavored for greater palatability
  • The bait stations have two opening for mice to feed inside, but prohibit access to children
Station pré-appâtée HC-000600

Pre-Loaded Bait Station (2 pack)

  • Contains 2 pre-baited stations
  • Each station contains 28g of bait
  • Rodenticide for prevention and daily maintenance
  • Fish flavored for greater palatability
  • Mixture of food grade grains
  • The bait stations have two opening for mice to feed inside 
Trappe Ramik

Snap Traps & Glue Traps

  • Traps available in two formats for rats or mice. Easy to set and offer touch-free disposal of rodents
  • Non-toxic sticky trap, disposable, ready to use and safe for children
  • Great durability
  • Also available, Multi-Catch mouse trap that holds more than a dozen mice at a time

Specialized Bait

For Unusual Situations

Tracking Powder
Prozap Logo

$$$ - Prevention/Infestation - Indoor

  • Toxin: Zinc phosphide 10%
  • Highly effective fast acting toxin 
  • Prozap Tracking powder is deposited on the fur and feet of rodents and is ingested during their daily hygiene.
  • Only to be used by Certified Pest Control Operators, Farmers, and Persons Authorized in Government-Approved Pest Control Programs.
Granules Phosphure de Zinc
Prozap Logo

$$$ - Prevention/Infestation - Indoor & Outdoor

  • Toxin: Zinc phosphide 2%
  • Highly effective fast acting toxin 
  • Attractive protein concentrations.
  • Contains less dust than competitor formulations.
  • Baits utilize a special hardening agent and can withstand up to 1½" of rainfall before melting.
  • Easily filters through vegetation.
Burrow Oat
Burrow Oat Logo

$$$ - Prevention/Infestation - Outdoor

  • Toxin: Zinc phosphide 2%
  • Control gophers, Columbian and Richardson squirrels
  • Bait uses food grade rolled oats to improve palatability
  • Baked drying process eliminates germination and kills bacteria and mold
  • Contains an attractive protein concentration of 14 to 22%

Rotational Baiting Program

The Best Protection All Year Long 

Rotational baiting program

Choose the right bait for the right time of the year 


Normally used during the period of infestation that takes place at the onset of cold weather. The increased power of CYKILL will overcome the most difficult cases of infestation.


Perfect for the winter season when rodents continue to be very present inside to protect themselves from the cold. Provides excellent protection indoors.


Perfect for outdoors during busier times and when there are multiple sources of food. Decimax is preferred over any other food source. Perfect for fall and winter.


Perfect for spring and summer when rodents are less persistent given the abundance of food outdoors. Provides excellent protection around buildings, both indoors and outdoors.

Rodent Bait Station

Durable Design for Rats and Mice 

Rodent Cafe HC-560



  • 27 x 30 x 8 cm
  • Heavy-duty design, using thick-walled plastic, withstands being stepped
  • Built to allow horizontal and vertical bait placement on secured rods 
  • Rotating hinge design provides for years of dependable service 
Station d'appâts pour rats HC-500



  • 23.75 x 17.5 x 9 cm
  • Lockable bait station that is tamper-resistant and contains interior vertical rods for securing bait 
  • Use with Ramik Bars and Blocks, Havok XT Bloks, Cykill or DeciMax
HC-404 crop



  • 34.25 x 28 x 8.25 cm
  • Vertical arrangement or vertical stems to suspend blocks  
  • May contain two standard mouse traps
  • Use with Ramik Bars and Blocks, Havok XT Bloks, Cykill or DeciMax